Experts & Advisors

cristinaChristina Briggs

President, Global Club of Leaders, UK
Founder of a prestigious group of senior executives, called Business Alliance under auspices of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce; CEO ‘New World Insight’, UK. Over the past 30 years Christina has strategically connected businesses internationally advising senior executives on business growth through innovation, internationalisation and now 21st century leadership and strategic connectivity. Clients have included: Shell, Microsoft, BT, Bouygues, Cisco Systems, Oracle Corporation, Cannon, IBM. Working with international embassies and Chambers’ of Commerce, companies are helped to establish operations in the UK and overseas: access market intelligence; secure key personnel; market position; and connect with strategic commercial partners. 


Moderator AdamMr Adam Mikołajczyk
Co-founder & CEO Best Place, European Place Marketing Institute
An international place marketing expert, passionate about branding and cities. More than 15 years associated with territorial marketing and tourism consulting. He is a co-founder and CEO of Best Place - European Place Marketing Institute - a boutique consulting organization (think-and-do tank) that aims to professionalization and popularization of place marketing and branding with current projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Best Place Institute is today the key partner for municipalities in Poland on place marketing & branding projects (Warsaw, Cracow, Gdanks etc.). 


Zhulova GGanna Zhukova
President of the International Association of Experts of Health Practices Yoga therapist, Psychologist of the highest category, MD, professor, doctor of medical sciences, Master of Science and Practice.
- President of the International Association of Healthy Practitioners.
- Chairman of the International Coordination Council.
- Founder and supervisor of the International Academy of Yoga-therapy.
- President of the Federation of Yoga and Chinese Medicine of the International Professional Medical Association of Complementary and Traditional Medicine of Psychologists and Healers.
- Vice-Rector of the Higher Medical School of Postgraduate Education of Physicians and Psychologists (Hannover, Germany).
- Chairman of the board of yoga therapy of the Russian Professional Medical Association of Traditional and folk Medicine, Moscow.


WehrleHeinz Wehrle

Hotelier Heinz Wehrle is Managing Partner of Horwath HTL Switzerland. His special expertise covers Project Development, Operator Selection & Contract Negotiation, Hotel Asset Management, Transaction Advisory and Valuations. Following his Education and internships in Luxury Hotels in Switzerland and the Bermuda’s he further developed his skills as head of department in the F&B, HR and Rooms Divisions. After 4 years as CEO followed the management buyout of the Boutique Hotel Guarda Val in Lenzerheide, an internationally award-winning concept and operation. Heinz sold the property and went to the USA to start his education in the commercial real estate sector. The so gained expertise proved very useful for the preopenings and/or restructuring of Golf, Spa & Wellness and conference hotels and resorts in Germany, Spain and Austria. Prior to starting his career with Horwath HTL his hobby – aviation – led him to appointments as Director of Operations for US Missions in the Sudan, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. Since joining Horwath HTL in 2008 he kept himself busy with Hotel Developments and Restructuring, Asset Management, Operator Selection & Contract Negotiation, and Hotel Valuation based on the RICS Standards. In 2017, he was accepted as Registered Valuer by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. He managed numerous projects in countries like Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Georgia, Senegal, Montenegro and more. The professional education of young people is something Heinz cares about deeply. Starting autumn 2019 he is also lecturing Hotel Asset Management and Real Estate Financing at the Hospitality Management Business School Lausanne.


Moderator YaroslavDr Jarosław Gorski
Vice-president Best Place, European Place Marketing Institute
A lecturer, coach and a consultant, advisor and place marketing trainer for the employees of the local government. Author scientific publications, conference speaker and expert commentator. Specialist in place marketing and place competitiveness, taking into account marketing and brand strategies, marketing planning and evaluation. Author or co-author of many place marketing strategies for cities and regions in Europe. He has a great experience in place branding and marketing for cities and regions as a member of research and project teams.



Jorgen ErriksonJörgen Eriksson
Founding Partner of Bearing Consulting, France
Jörgen is a creative and inspiring professional with more than 20 years of experience in international strategy and innovative consulting for public and private sector executives on four continents. Advisory role in development of innovation systems, development and assessment of
strategy, market studies, place branding, place management and inward investment strategies.
Jörgen Eriksson has become the in-demand expert in innovation management, strategy development, business development, risk assessments, risk management and mitigation, post-merger integration, project finance and international expansion development.


Dr. Rami Hikmat Fouad Al-Hadeethi
Industrial Engineering Thematic Leader, Education Society Chapter, IEEE United Kingdom and Ireland Section.
Associate Professor, The University of Jordan, School of Engineering
Dr. Rami is an international, award winning Associate Professor of Industrial Technology & Operations Management whose solid understanding of business administration in an engineering context, passion for learning, and consultative leadership style are the driving forces behind a progressively successful 27+ year career. He enjoys inspiring students across the EMEA to achieve their full academic and personal potential. He is also a founder of academic departments, colleges and programmes in Iraq and Jordan, and participant in worldwide conferences.
Dr Rami has taught many undergraduate and postgraduate courses at several higher education institutions in the Middle East (University of Technology, Al-Mansour University College in Iraq, Ahmed Bin Mohammed College in Doha, Qatar and at Isra University in Jordan). Dr. Rami has helped in setting up links with industry; this has added to his administrative knowledge and practical experience and has allowed him to improve his relations and links with the industrial sector. It has also allowed him to work on applied research, student graduation projects and student field training, focusing on several real-life industrial problems.
Dr. Rami is a member of many unions, associations, societies and journal’s editorial boards in EMEA, Canada and USA.



VerdeDr Rui Verde
Director of Executive Programmes, Head of the Law and Economics Department, AU Oxford.
Professor at London BPP University. An efficient legal adviser, chief consultant (political, economic and legal risks for investments and activities in South America, Southwest Europe, and Africa), visiting lecturer.
Experienced in senior education management positions, now he is implementing a new model of social school in Portugal. He has written extensively about education. Visiting lecturer of International Finance.




sergei gutnikovSergei A. Gutnikov

MD, DPhil (Oxon). Expert in academia and grants, Oxford Progress.
Co-author of publications in the fields of experimental psychology, neuroscience, evidence-based health service in high-rank international scientific journals (The Journal of Neuroscience, Lancet and other). Currently works as a research associate at the Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford. Took part as a researcher in several R&D projects and as a consultant in other projects where facilitation of interaction between the Eastern and Western European partners was needed. 2006-2009 – Scientific Officer for Life Sciences at INTAS responsible for administration of proposal evaluations and monitoring of on-going projects. Since 2007 – independent evaluator of proposals submitted within the FP7; on an occasion was selected as an “ambassador” of the primary group of evaluators to the next level (“the Panel”).


CostigliolaDr. Vincenzo Costigliola

President of the European Medical Association, Belgium
Dr. Costigliola graduated in Medicine from the University of Naples in 1972 and in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care from the University of Pisa in 1978.
He also attended post-graduate studies in Rheumatology, Dermatology, Proctology, Oncology, Surgery, Drugs Abuse, Emergency Treatment, Disaster Action, Hospital Organization, Medical Teaching Methodology and Computer and Audio-Visual Training for the Medical Profession.
His professional experience ranges from senior military positions as Chief of Medical Services in the Italian Navy for a number of years, responsibility of the outpatients clinic of the Shape Hospital in Belgium and family practice in Italy and Belgium.
Membership of professional bodies
* President of E.M.A. (European Medical Association)
* President of E.D.A. (European Depression Association)
* Member of Editorial Advisory Board of "Psychiatry in primary care journal"
* Extensive experience in informatics' health programmes
* Teaching experiences
* Nationals and internationals conferences as a speaker
* Publishing experiences
* Member of the Steering Committee Health First Europe.
Stakeholder Nutrition & Health 2020



CostigliolaAnna Kolisz

President and Managing Director ANKOL POLAND, LLCPoland





Anil G Pillai







Mohammad Salem Omaid

President and CEO AzIzI BANKAfghanistan






Jaroslav Hanak

Chairman of the Board
Czech Republic





Emmanuel Ababio







Armando Prida Huerta







Mr Victor Soh

Chairman Ms Syengnel Loh, CEO GTIC GroupTaiwan





Naarayan Raaghavan

Chairman & Managing Director ROBUST INTERNATIONAL PTE LTDSingapore






Ion Sterian

Director General S.N.T.G.N. TRANSGAz S.A.Romania






Jan Chorostkowski

CEO and President





Maria Cristina Mikue Obiang

Owner NACIONAL HOTEL ANGUE ONDORepublica De Guinea Ecuatorial