Achievements Forums Chronicle

Achievements Forums Chronicle

Traditionally beginning of the year is the right time to summarize previous achievements and present cases of effective companies and organisations. Achievements forum is annual event for leaders in 4 nominations: business and economy, science and education, healthcare, as well as management of cities and territories.

Held in the Institute of Directors in London since 2012 it gives a unique opportunity to present themselves to the target audience of businessmen, investors, academia and like-minded professionals. Participants have the chance to hear fromtop executives, business gurus, senior state officials and investment experts from across the globe at plenary and breakout working sessions and share their ideas and experiences in a series of panel discussions, presentations and case studies.

Forum participants include CEOS and owners of key regional companies, city managers and politicians, educational management experts, academic professionals, national leaders in healthcare, science and culture. The most effective are awarded with the Achievements awards and their CEOs are added to the Forum Experts and Advisors council.

In 2019 Achievements forum was held 2 times and the second edition was hosted by World capital of fashion, style and luxury - Milan




Achievements Forum – 2012, March 15


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For the first time the results of annual business activity rating under the title Achievements 2012 were summarized at the Institute of Directors, London.


Achievements Forum – 2013, April, 11




Forum was focused on ASEAN region and ASEAN Committee of London meeting with participation of ASEAN Ambassadors was one of the programme highlights.


Keynote speaker:

 - The Rt. Hon. Sir Richard Needham, famous British

politician and businessman


Achievements Forum – 2014, April, 16




Rapid urbanization: economy, society, management. Forum main topics: urbanization: economic good or social cataclysm, city of the future; city finance: how to make a city rich and city development.


Keynote speakers:

 - Sir John Michael Middlecott Banham, a leading British businessman, UK

 - Ian Mulcahey, Managing Director, Gensler’s London office, UK

 - Hiroshi Tanaka, Global Project Management Analyst, Japan


Achievements Forum – 2015, April, 21




Forum entitled Meet the Achievements consisted of several presentation panels with special emphasis on prominent European municipalities, including Budapest, Braga, Plock, Rzeslow, Timospara, Ruse and others


Keynote speakers:

 - Paul Britton , Head of Inward Investment, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, UK

His Excellency Dr. Ivan Grdešić, Ambassador of Croatia in UK


Achievements Forum – 2016, March 22




Prime Business Destinations.


Presentation of achievements and investment potential of the leading regional companies, participants to the international investment programme in its main categories. International acknowledgement and recognition of dynamically developing regions and regional companies.


Keynote speakers:

 - Heinz Wehrle, President ‘The Prime Business Destinations’ project, Horwath HTL, Managing Partner, Switzerland


Achievements Forum – 2017, March 28




Forum hosted the Academic Union Oxford Open Session to provide a panel discussion on modern challenges and solutions in the field of education for prominent European and leading regional Universities, educational institutions, rectors, senior faculty and educational management professionals from 45 world countries.


Keynote speaker:

 - Prof Glauco De Vita, Centre for Business in Society (CBiS), Faculty of Business and Law, Coventry University, UK


Achievements Forum – 2018, April, 17


EBA-London-2018-04-17-0117   London-2019-04-12-0886


Forum agenda was formed by 2 contemporary expert platforms, presentation of the International Leaders Club and accepting of new members, master classes from key British and world experts, case studies of successful companies, presentation of the Oxford Business Expert Center executive development program, 3 platforms for informal communication with summit participants from more than 50 countries


Keynote speakers:


 - Jörgen Eriksson, Founding Partner of Bearing Consulting, an international expert consultancy, France

 - Dr Rui Verde, Head of the Law and Economics Department, AU Oxford, PhD Law. London BPP University, UK


Achievements Forum – 2019, April, 12


London-2019-04-12-0434  London-2019-04-12-0987


Promising regions in focus

The dynamic forum programme included 5 ceremonial sessions entitled: ‘Business and Economy’, ‘Science and Education’, and ‘Medicine and Healthcare’ and ‘City Management’.

Attended by more than 120 professional participants, 40+ speakers from 35 countries for the first time achievements forum was broadcasted online.


Keynote speakers:

 - Christina Briggs - President, Global Club of Leaders, UK; Founder of a prestigious group of senior executives, called International Alliance; CEO ‘New World Insight’, UK.

 - Dr Vincenzo Costigliola - President of the European Medical Association, Belgium


Achievements Forum – 2019 Milan, July, 2


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The main emphasis of the event was on achievements in the quality and management spheres and models of excellence. Acclaimed national leaders in economy, business, healthcare and education gathered to debate, share and learn from each other for business improvement, positive social transformation and regional progress.


The majestic and luxurious atmosphere of the elegant Westin Palace Milan provided an excellent opportunity to combine business communication and VIP relaxation.


Keynote presenters:

 - Ana Kolisz, Vice-President of Ankol Poland

 - Dr Anil Pillai, Chairman / CEO of Airolink Group, UAE

 - Armando Prida Huerta, President of Grupo Magno. Fundacion Educacion por la Experiencia, Mexico