Achievements Forum 2021 Excellence in Quality and Management - Press-Release

Achievements Forum 2021 Excellence in Quality and Management - PRESS-RELEASE


The traditional Excellence in Quality and Management forum for the second consecutive year was held online and broadcasted live on EBA YouTube channel and Facebook page

High level networking, opinions and practice sharing as well as well-deserved recognition of the outstanding companies in an array of modern industries made the online forum meaningful and memorable for participants and organisers.

Honoring success in business, healthcare, science and education are the must have components for modern businesses and institutions on their way to national and global industry leadership.

Forum was opened by Ivan Savvov, international entrepreneur, Director of Global business network EBA, publisher and philanthropist, UK and Rui Verde, Director of Executive programmes, Academic Union Oxford; Research Associate, the School of Global and Area Studies, the University of Oxford, UK.

The event programme continued with winning companies brief presentations, awardees interviews and culminated with award presentation. Geoffrey Harris, British Guild of Masters of Ceremony welcomed participants and presented award winners.

Excellence in Quality and Management section was dedicated to promotion of the achievements of prominent regional companies and their TOP-managers, international recognition, assistance to entering new markets and search of potential partners, marketing and PR-support of the winners and their brands. The section presented such regiona leaders, as ITO ROMA, Kuwait, General Manager - Eng. Issa Taha, SC.ELIDOR.SRL, Romania, CEO Sorin Godeanu, Institute Formatec, Togo, General Manager Prof. Kossi Bollanigni Amey, Fenix Lusitana Lda - Rainbow Portugal, President Fernanda Alves and others.

During the interviews Prof. Dr. Benedito Paulo Manuel, General Manager of Sociedad Minera de Catoca, Angola and Lim Ming Soon, CEO of Network Integrity Assurance Technologies, Brunei Darussalamshared their views on overcoming COVID pandemic and its impact on business and quality in particular.

Manoj Kumar, Founder & Managing Partner of HAMMURABI & SOLOMON PARTNERS, India spoke about approach to motivation. Kudakwashe Taruberekera, Founder and CEO of Craft Properties Pvt Ltd, Zimbabwe concluded section by highlighting importance of company achievements recognition for future successes.

Excellence in Healthcare section honored prominent regional healthcare providers, who shared the experience on the development of innovative and promising hospitals, clinics and medical practitioners worldwide, as well as presentation of presentation of prominent healthcare brands.

The section was attended by such prominent regional healthcare providers, as Alsaggaf Eye Center, Saudi Arabia General Director Hussein Ali Al Saggaf, SITI Healthcare Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, CEO Muhammad Ali Datuk Dr Yahua, LLC "EMS", Russia, Chief Medical Officer Victor Pertosyan and Swiss Pain and Detox Clinic, Switzerland, CEO Krassimir Shelev.

Excellence in Education section presented achievements of prominent regional educational institutions, as well as honouring the innovative approach in science and education, high performance and effectiveness, vision and leadership, creativity, professionalism and high alumni level.

Prof. Dr. Ghita Barsan, Rector of Nicolae Balescu Land Forces Academy Sibiu, Romania described vital regional social initiatives and projects the Academy is involved.

Prof. Daniel Florin Lighezan MD. PhD., Vice-Rector for Education of Victor Balbes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania, Beata Miticka, School Principal of Sukromna Stredna Odborna Skola, Slovakia and Prof Mala M, Chairperson and Managing Trustee of Tagore Group of Institutions, India shared modern approach to effectiveness and achievements of educational establishment.

Prof. Dr. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda, Rector of Islamic University in Uganda delivered a speech on the topic: Thriving in a Post-Covid 19 Era: The Challenge for Institutions of Higher Education.

The Organizing Committee wishes to congratulate all award winners and expresse gratitude to all the participants and audience for their attendance at the Excellence in Quality and Management Forum.