The end of the year is a traditional time for summing up, and honouring the achievements of the best representatives of national business, science, medicine and art.

In this unusual year for the world of a pandemic, tradition takes on special significance.

The research centres of the Europe Business Assembly (EBA), supported by partners and experts, continue to investigate regional markets, paying special attention to companies that work effectively, create jobs, and have a positive impact on regional economies and social spheres.

We believe that today, the achievements of the best regional companies and institutions are of particular importance, since they motivate their partners and colleagues and allow them to make optimistic forecasts for the development of various markets.

Following long-term EBA traditions, this year we are very pleased to present sustainable and promising companies and institutions to the global business community, and express our gratitude to them by presenting special awards.

The online reception of the Europe Business Assembly will take place on December 15th. Specially selected companies and organizations will be invited to the function. Addresses of leaders in various activity fields from industry to medicine and education, speeches, interviews, and online presentation of honourable international awards are planned within the framework of the reception.

Our online reception will be held on a special modern online platform created to promote EBA members and associates, exchange best practices, present achievements, share innovative projects and search for partners and clients.

The New Year's reception and ceremony will be streamed online on the official Facebook page and YouTube channel of EBA.

The event’s online format will significantly increase the number and geographical distribution of participants and allow winners to share moments of recognition with colleagues, families and companions. Participants of the reception can invite their teams, partners and potential customers to participate and view.

Event highlights:

  • Personal speeches and company presentations
  • Congratulations and honouring the winners
  • Online interview
  • Open online exhibition of the best regional companies and institutions
  • Advertising and corporate promo videos of participants during the online ceremony
  • Special online lounge zone for communication and networking 

All participants will receive video materials and event press releases.

After the Reception and the ceremony interviews, the promo videos and the ceremony recording will be stored on the official YouTube channel.

We look forward to meeting the guests of honour and our main task is to promote, establish the authority and image of the best regional brands in the international and national markets.


EBA-Oxford2016-4274 EBA-Oxford-2019-12-17-1544


Event timing

12.00-12.15 New year Reception opening and officials greetings

Ivan Savvov, EBA Director, social entrepreneur, international brand builder, publisher, UK 

Prof Rui Verde, Professor of Law, Visiting Fellow, the University of Oxford; Researcher of the University of  Johannesburg; Head of Economics and Law Department, Academic Union, Oxford, UK 

Christina Briggs, Head, The Global Club of Leaders from London, UK 

Dr Vincenzo, President of European Medical Association Belgium 

12.15 – 12.20 Special welcome speech for award winners from British Guild of Masters of Ceremony Jeff Harris 

12.20-12.30 Video Session: EBA- the world of Successful People

12.30 – 13.00 Partners addresses and presentations 

Socrates Awards Ceremony 

13.00 -13.30 Award winners interviews

13.30-14.30 Winners videos and speeches 

14.30-15.00 Online award presentation 

15.00-15.15 Greetings of the VIP guests of the ceremony - prominent figures and experts in the field of business, education, medicine and city administration, heads of branch associations and trade unions. 

15.15 Toast for EBA award winners by British Guild of Masters of Ceremony Jeff Harris 

15.30 Congratulations from award winners and Guests of honor 

16.00 EBA Awards – Hall of FAME